I’m Done with Being a Wimp.

Tired of talking trash about life; ready to challenge life to a match. 

Tired of playing the “poor-me” soundtrack; cranking up the good music instead. 

Tired of playing little; I’m rising to the occasion.

Tired of moaning and groaning; I’m off the couch and moving to action.

Others have done it. So can I.

If I play the wimp, nothing changes and everyone loses.

So, who’s with me?

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Do Everyone a Favor and Keep My Ego out of It

These truths are self evident (to the thoughtful):

  • Our opinions are merely “junk mail” until they are requested.

  • People who know us can predict the content of  our “lectures”( and translate them to “Blah, blah, blah”).

  • Appreciating someone and showing that appreciation by stopping, listening, and keeping my ego out of it, trumps everything else I might say or do.


Why “I Understand” Is Not Enough

If we want someone to hear our side of the story, we can’t start with it. We must start with their side of the story, so they know we get it.

If someone communicates to me in this manner, I find no need to defend myself (because they are defending me) and I can listen to the other side of the story with ease.

For example, if someone felt as if we had disrespected them when, we feel they misunderstood us and were overreacting, the following would get us the best result…

  1. I understand that you felt disrespected.
  2. I never want you to feel disrespected.
  3. I am so sorry that you had to go through that experience.
  4. (Then (and only then), the other side of the story)

If, instead, we merely say, “I understand,” be prepared for the other person to roll their eyes.