No More Technology Frustrations?

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Got new phone? New software? Slow computer? New server? New roll-out?

Painfully disruptive communication challenges have become a very common theme of our 21st Century lives.

But, when I recently changed my words and thoughts about these challenges from the theme of condemnation and dread to the theme of success and learning:

  • previous obstacles evaporated almost magically

  • formerly broken paths and connections appeared out of nowhere

  • (and now, unbelievably) I have become proficient in solving my own problems and those of others

The light was there, but I was standing in front of it, holding it back with my accusations.

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Sleep School

I almost went to bed troubled.

But, I remembered the suggestion of Dr. Joseph Murphy, author of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, and, instead, asked for dreams that would give me clarity and direction for helping people in my life. I woke this morning with:

  • specific instruction for specific people

  • important information about myself that I had previously ignored

  • peace for the future

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Image result for power of your subconscious mind quotes

Duh. The Hurt Is Worth It.

While volunteering on a crisis line, a distraught young woman told me that her sister was locked in the bathroom trying to kill herself. I asked the woman if she could go to the door and tell her sister she loved her. There was silence on the line. Then, she answered, “I can’t. Our family doesn’t say things like that to each other.”

“Do you love your sister? I asked.

“Yes, but I don’t know how to say that to her.”

“Then say that, ‘I am so embarrassed and don’t know how to say it, but I love you.'”

Her sister came out.

Often, if we have to say embarrassing or awkward things, the place to start is with total honesty about what we are afraid of. Most people appreciate our vulnerability.

Our humility goes a lot farther than avoiding the truth ever will.

When Stuck

“The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.” – John Green

Even when it seems irrational.

Even when someone seems unforgiveable.

Even when the person we must forgive is ourselves.

Even when the Universe seems treacherous.

Even when it hurts too much.

Especially when it hurts too much.

Forgiveness is the door to rational communication, revelation, and relief.

The labyrinth was always an illusion.

True and Simple Nobility

Life became a lot easier when I quit…

  • comparing my progress to that of my peers.
  • worrying about impressing my family members.
  • using someone else’s success as my measuring stick.

Everything became more serene when a new day became a plain and simple chance to be…

  1. better than the day before.
  2. true to my word with everyone.
  3. aware of the vast and abundant Universe…beckoning…simply beckoning me to live fully now.

Fighting off “The Frightened Toddler”

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I love the accuracy of anxiety being described as a toddler. If I would have thought about this description last night at 3 AM, I would not have let my “toddler brain” take charge of my life. It would have made sense to quietly ignore the relentless insistence that I was wrong about everything and everything about life was wrong.

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(Click on above quote for more powerful info about fighting off “The Frightened Toddler”)

Wait for It

Some people seem to know their path from birth. Some find their path as a child. Others before they are twenty.

I was always jealous of those people.

Now, I know that finding my path at 48 was a pretty cool thing. There had always been a path to that place. My path was unlike all others.

Still, there are others who only find their path in death. There had always been a path. Their path was unlike all others.

Waiting for it is wise.

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Control Center Alert

Although, I ignored my “Control Center Alert” instructions for years, due to time spent in deep, dark pits, I now pay attention.


  • Overwhelm

  • Tragedy

  • Panic

  • Depression

  • Exhaustion

“…think about these things…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable, excellent, or praiseworthy…”

Dwelling on what is scary, dreary, horrid, painful, wrong, and depressing never worked.

Even though it seemed counter-intuitive and too simple, soaking my brain in beauty did. I now use books and the internet to refuel on success stories, overcoming obstacles, recovery-after-tragedy, unexpected-redemption-in-dark-places, love, loyalty, art, nature, animals, and role-models. The change I feel inside is immediate.

Pain to progress. Darkness to light.

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If We Want to Come out on the Other Side

Often the thing that makes us crazy is the fear of losing (or never being able to regain) something we think is essential to our happiness.
We often fight, claw, scheme, plot, gamble, bargain with God, fret, worry, and despair in order to hold on to:

  • someone we love
  • our health
  • a job we think we’ve got to have
  • our youth
  • the money we have or want
  • prized possessions
  • our status or illusion of status

Ironically, the only path that will keep this pursuit from turning ugly is to let it go gracefully…whatever or whomever it is.

“Write” Yourself In As the Hero


I love this quote by Harold Kushner (author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People).

When I think of my life this way, I can trace threads of connection with situations or people through a pattern that is no less interesting than an intricate work of art, or the complicated plot of a great book.

The challenge is in the stopping to notice part.

In order to do so, I must adamantly deny fear, anxiety, and frustration access to my story. Since I am actually a co-author of “this book,” I can intentionally choose to write myself as the character that overcomes the most difficult challenges, arriving at a breath-taking climax: a climax that will tie all the intricacies and mysteries together with one great big sigh of relief.