Reject My Sense of Injury?

I was indulging a sense of injury about a perceived slight.

It didn’t take long before I was mad at the world.

My pouting wasn’t going to accomplish anything.

It was just an explosion waiting to happen.

So I decided to move on.

After I focused on something else I felt better.

Like magic.

And then I found out the rest of the story.

So glad I didn’t waste more of my life on it.

Choosing the Wall or the Door

My life can be a wall or a door

If I choose the wall

Because I am too smart to believe

In a door that is not there

Everyone in my life will be forced to settle

For sighs and suffering

If I choose the door

It will take more courage and faith than I have

To believe in something I cannot see

Yet, if I considered future beneficiaries

That would probably make the choice for me

The moment you accept what troubles you have been given, the door opens. -Rumi

Dealing with Dragons

And perhaps Rilke is smarter than my initial reaction

That says he is full of it

And perhaps he has had more experience with dragons

And the overcoming of them

Perhaps I should listen to the learned and courageous

Whose words I have written off

Instead of shrinking into this smaller version of myself

Perhaps all the dragons in our lives are princesses who are only waiting to see us once, beautiful and brave.  -Rilke

Which One Will I Be?

Dream analysts say I am every character in my dreams

And those dreams can out my divided heart

I am the one asking and the one saying no

I am the boss and I am the employee

I am the pessimist and yes, the optimist

I am the offender and the offended

I am the clueless and I am the critic

Warning me to avoid repetitive mistakes

And to quit whining my way through life

Image result for split personality quotes

It is not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.

My dreams and I have decided

I can and I will

Carry my load through challenge and through fear

With confidence

And with grace and even….


Pushing Unsubstantiated Opinions?



If I fake competency it may bring harm to someone

If I believe I know when I really don’t know

I penalize everyone

There is no shame in saying I am not sure

There is shame in convincing myself that I am sure

When I am only hoping or guessing

There is no shame in being ignorant

There is shame in refusing to learn

From someone who isn’t

The Cool Quotient

No shortcut to cool

It only comes with the confidence

Of knowing exactly who we are

And exactly what we want

But knowing exactly who I am

Won’t happen if I am afraid

To own all of who I am

Or say all of what I want

Without editing the truth about either

So that I can try to be what you want

Or what someone else expects

This type of being in the world

This presence

This owning our space with a smile

Is how we were meant to live

Content and impossible to resist