Stay Clean

I am clear about this

In order to be free of addiction

Drama and


I cannot have a void in my soul

I cannot receive from another

(Even God)

What I will not give to myself

I surrendered to God early in life

But didn’t understand until much later

That chasing satisfaction

Would be unsatisfying

That I possessed the love I needed

And was expected to use the power

I had already been given

I Thought I Saw Everything

It was a different angle and an interesting one. And Picasso’s way of seeing was evidently one that the world needed.

Picasso said he knew how to draw by the time he was three, but not how to see until he was much older.

Temple Grandin’s autism made it possible for her to see through different eyes, to transform the way farm animals were treated, and to prevent worlds of suffering.

My experience and my mind are valuable resources, but they are priceless when combined with those of others who have seen and survived a different world.

Ok, Make Your Excuse

I can make my excuses

Then I can ask my heroes if my excuses are valid

And consider how they have lived

In the grip of debilitating disease

Harsh imprisonments

And severe injustices

But if I still insist upon complaints and despair

And upon ignoring the look of triumph on their faces

My excuses will be my decision to live

In, yes,

The very smallest of places

Help! I Need Somebody

There is an unseen door

I have only seen

When all other doors were shut

After sadly giving up

Without a place to go for help

And expecting none to come

Just as stepping into the flames

And coming out unscathed

Or unharmed from the Lion’s den

Left Daniel and his friends

I stand rescued along with them

At Mercy’s magical open door

Waiting for Each Other

It’s always a trade-off.

I may have to be patient because you are a detailed and tedious over-preparer.

You may need to be patient because I am an adrenalin junkie and will always wait until the last minute.

I may always arrive early for events because I was excited to get there.

You may arrive late because you were more thorough in your preparations.

You may take your time with projects to avoid mistakes.

I may rush things and ask forgiveness if necessary.

We can spend our time getting frustrated with each other and pointing fingers


We can smile at ourselves and appreciate the Universe’s sense of humor.

People Are Us

When I say “People are idiots.” or “Women are bitches.” or make any other grand indictment, I am reveling my own character, not theirs.

It’s too easy to look upon the world and decide I am above its flaws.

But I am a people too.

Life is much easier when I am not angry or dissatisfied with it.

It is a work in progress–just as I am.

Surest Way to Miss the Point

The surest way to miss the point in a conversation is to assume I get the point.

Getting out of my head into the head of another always requires curiosity rather than certainty.

When things feel awkward in a conversation or a relationship it is probably because someone doesn’t know how to say (or is afraid to say) what is really going on. In that case, I should quit talking or quit trying to cover up the awkwardness and say, “This feels awkward.” or “This isn’t working.” or “Can we start over.” or “I haven’t been completely honest.”

If I am reacting to someone’s words instead of what is behind the words I am often missing the point.

Finding out what is behind the words takes patience.

Patient curiosity pays big dividends in relationships.