Feeling Powerless?

Starting Place to Overcoming Powerlessness:

Quit saying it. Quit believing it. Quit playing the victim.

Especially when we have no money, no connections, and no alternatives, it seems that only those who have money and connections have power and options. Yet, history gives us countless examples of those who rose from the dust to change the world.

The best steps we can take today for ourselves and for the world are:

  1. Smile at the future and claim our right to the earth and all that is in it.
  2. Resolve to believe we are no less or no more than any other person.
  3. Show strength by refusing to waste our time and energy with resentment, jealousy, or bemoaning our lack of anything.

Finding the Force-field

Hope is a force-field

Not just an emotion

Or a state of mind

Or meaningless dreaming


Hope is a game-changing

Power-building life-force

Hovering and

Lurking within our grasp

At any and every moment

Especially the devastatingly discouraging moment

When the air is knocked out of our dream

The floor falls out under us

Or the darkness threatens our light


Hope is a force-field

Fueling those refusing to give up

Sustaining reluctant fighters until death

To suffer without self-pity

And sacrifice without regret


Hope is a force-field

Not just for the few

But a force-field For any


Original post 2012

Energy Shortage!

Wherever we are, there is a need for good energy.

Wherever we find ourselves, there are those who need the energy we can bring, even when we feel we have none to give.

In a crowded city yesterday, I gave away many smiles, lots of eye-contact, and good thoughts. Many times that energy came back to me in kind eyes, broad smiles, good service, and thoughtful words. Sometimes, people seemed not to notice. Other times, those who needed better energy refused it.

My job was to provide the energy, not to decide how it was received.

There is already enough of the other.

Surviving the Crashing, Middle-of-the-Night Waves

It’s 2 AM and a wave of anxiety has unexpectedly crashed into me and thrown me hard onto the shore of my puzzling existence, leaving my insides rolling,

After my heartrate slows, I turn to a PMR (Productive Mental Routine) that will help save the day (and the night).


  1. Show gratitude for being alive (and not being eaten alive).
  2. Remind myself of past rescues and proofs of a supportive Universe.
  3. Pull up thoughts of beauty and goodness to shift my focus away from fear, expectations, judgments, worry, and ego.
  4. Postpone pronouncements about my future until 1, 2, and 3 are done.

“Drained” at the Age of Five

My trailhead to suicidal depression seems to have began, get this, when I accidentally dropped the Colgate toothpaste cap down the bathroom drain.

After that first of my “irreversible mistakes,” which was sure to bring screams (and maybe even a flood in our house), this forlorn kindergartener wandered the earth shouldering the guilt of being inadequate, unforgivable, and unacceptable to the normal beings who knew how to do things right.

I didn’t know it was okay to be human and five years old.

I lacked this simple assurance for the next five decades, lying to cover up what I was; confused about what I should be and couldn’t be.

By siblings and mother didn’t know the burden I carried nor how badly I needed to hear I wasn’t the only one.

Pardon Me, Have You seen My Sense of Destiny?

Pardon me, have you seen my sense of destiny?
I seemed to have lost it along the way somewhere
Yet, I’ve looked up and down and it isn’t here anywhere
I can’t even remember when or where I had it last
Or any other clue that links the future to my past
I must have lived so long without it that, I’m ashamed to say,
I hardly even noticed it was gone today

Until I read that book

The book that meddled, unauthorized, with my head
Forcing me, irreverently, to unearth the sacred dead
And bow humbly to destiny’s gravitational force
At the unyielding wall of its Holy Source

(I wrote this after Neil Gaiman’s The Ocean at the End of the Lane awakened me to the marvel of everyday life and everyday people.)

Originally posted June, 2017

Imprisoned Angels Are Standing By

Did you wake up with a sigh?

Imprisoned angels are standing by

Disappointed and feeling low enough to be shackled again
with the ubiquitous weight of months and weeks?

Imprisoned angels are standing by


When looking down or

Walking past a wall of books without opening one
Or going back to bed
Without searching YouTube or TED


Pick up a book
Any book
And let the power out

Or open the sky
With only one courageous click


Imprisoned angels are standing by


Release “the angels of hope” by borrowing joy, strength, inspiration, and power.

Borrow. Please.

(I wrote this poem after challenging my own blahs with, “just open a book, any book, to any page.” I did and was surprised by joy.)

Why Fiction? Why Sci-Fi? Why Fairy Tales?

Fairy tales are more than true: …because they tell us that dragons can be beaten. – Neil Gaiman

Until Neil Gaiman’s logic convinced me, I thought all Sci-Fi was a waste of time (especially Star Wars 🙂

Many of you think the same way about all fiction.

Yet, Neil Gaiman’s, C.S. Lewis’s, J.R. Tolkien’s, and countless other writer’s works, if given the chance, provide grown-ass adults the courage and hope we crave and require, not just for survival, but for successful living.

Strength comes in a variety of packages. Neil Gaiman convinced me to open the ones I had kicked to the curb.

Best Kiss Ever

Whether you agree with this controversial 1951 book or cannot stomach the outdated treatment of women therein, the explanation of why the Martian’s kiss caused women to faint is quite accurate, and quite educational for those who want to have the same power.

The simple formula:

Bring your whole, complete, undistracted attention to the person being kissed; without motive or thought about what comes next, or the mechanics of kissing. or the prior moment, or any other worry or concern.

That’s it.

(Which, by the way, is the secret to getting the most out of any sexual encounter, any event, any relationship, or any conversation in the world of business or pleasure.

Try it the next time you are bored with someone or something and see for yourself.)

“Something Else Is More Important than Fear”

When I finally realized that my survival was not that critical in the whole scheme of things, I became a lot more courageous.

Way more important than whether I lived or died was the call to do what I was born to do, leave the world a better place; love those that needed love, give what needed to be given.

So let my heart race

Blood pressure rise, pupils dialate

Let the sweat drop from my face

Even in death I will be alive

With the scared. With the brave.