How Our Daily Life Is Like TV News

Everyone is critical of how negative and inefficient TV news is, but most of us…

  • spend the majority of our conscious hours focused on what’s going wrong in the world rather than what’s going right
  • have too many “commercial” breaks for shameless self-promotion or ego-driven side lines
  • are more show than substance

It is no accident TV news became what it is. It’s driven by human nature.

If we want something more, we must become something more. More noble. More courageous. More grateful.

That’s the Way I Like It


It’s pretty normal to sigh about our workload…or lack of work…or not being able to have what we want…or what went wrong…or the seemingly unfair absence of hope.

But, there is only one way to keep our discouragement from defining us: choose to meditate on the things we have versus the things we don’t have.

Catching myself sighing, getting bored, anxious, or pronouncing judgement on my life is the first step.

The second step is recovering my delight in my heart beat, or oxygen, or the beauty in something that exists in my memory or right now.

Practiced Satisfaction.

Practiced Deep Satisfaction.

So I can smile at the future and be ready for more.

(The essence of the Law of Attraction. Be attractive. Change your vibration. Attract beauty.)

It’s Not Just Them

It is easy to think it is just my opponents who’s minds are being destroyed by greed, hatred, and ignorance. Yet, although uncomfortable to articulate, the three evils lurk within my mind as well. They may show up as subtle thoughts about getting what is due to me, or in an angry unwillingness to listen to another’s opinion, or even in the manner I go after food and drink or luxuries.

But, if I don’t cultivate acute self-awareness and consciously execute offensive attacks to uproot these bad seeds, I am just as prone to succumb to their destructive powers as anyone.

My strongest motivation to ruthlessly search for and weed out these culprits?

The knowledge that we never get away with bad-character decisions.

Why This Is Not a Joke

When resources are sparse and our circumstances are bleak, this poster feels like a cruel joke.

Yet, when we dismiss our cynicism, we’ll experience why visualizing unlimited abundance is worth the effort:

1) Dreaming puts a smile on our face. (Ask your friends, family, and coworkers which they prefer, the smile or the grimace?)
2) Visualization is scientifically proven to change our body chemistry, disarming harmful toxins that feed dis-ease. (Ask your body what it wants, angst or relaxation?)
3) Relaxing into hope stamps out doubt, worry, and anger. (Ask your past which worked better, despair or faith?)
4) Stopping long enough to recalibrate gives us the energy to take positive steps forward. (Ask anyone which works better, giving up or gearing up?)

(Original post 2013)

You Are the Gatekeeper

Sometimes it seems like we just can’t get a break; as if all doors are barred against us.

As a writer, I have been turned down by more people than I can count, as a petitioner for jobs or speaking and acting opportunities, the gatekeepers often made me feel as if I had no right to knock.

Stand up comic, Mike Birbiglia gives this piece of advice, “Don’t bow to the gatekeepers because, in essence, there are no gatekeepers. You are the gatekeeper.” 

I now know that the best thing I can do for myself everyday is to “summon up my own gatekeeper” by recovering my…

  • inner power
  • purpose and mission
  • positive energy

If I have forgotten who I am, how can I expect anyone else to know?

Focus Equals Inner State…Always

I put clean dishes away in a warm kitchen

As I sip my tea to the purr of Leonard Cohen

Whatever else may happen to me along the way

I have just now, most assuredly, visited heaven


Had I focused instead on that funky pain in my pounding right ear

Or what my clueless family member should not have done

I would have plodded blindly through my tasks

Oblivious to its gift; this purest form of fun


I may be tossed mercilessly about and into labyrinths or holes today

Unbalanced or badly broken by life’s unexpected pitch or sway

But even there, in the darkness, focused on the simplest moments and simplest gifts

I can remember that heaven is, and is never so very far away

Taking My Dreams to Sleep


This quote (and reading Tim Ferriss’s Tribe of Mentors) has challenged me to take my dreams to sleep with me; to focus on what I want to accomplish in the world, what I am passionate about, and where I can make a difference instead of focusing on the obstacles that seem to be in the path of my dreams.

These questions help bring my dreams into focus:

  • What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  • What idea do you have for solving a world problem?
  • Why not you?
  • How can I bring help and hope to others?

Now, let’s see what my subconscious can do!

Are You Showing Your Age?

Every time we complain about something we can’t change or whine about something we refuse to take responsibility for changing, we show our age…our emotional age.

I don’t know about you, but I spent far too much of my short life playing the victim or listening to others play the victim. I’m ready now to woman-up.

I’ll take responsibility for…

  • my blind spots and misconceptions
  • being a contributor to the pain in the world
  • being the person I want others to be
  • leaving things better than I found them
  • leaving people better than I found them
  • accepting the imperfection that is simply part of being human


Painful Advice When Hurting

Nobody wants to live in the present when it is unpleasant. Here are some incentives:

1. We can become our own hero – the movies that inspire us are about people who endure suffering and rise above it, right? That’s you at this moment. You are the star. Shine!

2. We need the training – otherwise, we will be wimps.

3. This moment has hidden treasures – and we must be present to win, to find them, to see them. Trading the moment in for the next is always a bad move. Bird in hand better than two in bush. Really. Our time is limited…a millisecond in eternity.

4. Present people are sexy – and refreshing, and rare, and like meditation music.

Make Thoreau proud…and all of creation. Take the advice…find your eternity in each moment.