When I am Totally Present for You

When I am totally present for you

You feel it

I change your energy

And lend you my strength


When I am totally present for you

I step out of my mediocrity

And access my super power

For killing fear and boredom


When I am totally present for you

I become concentrated refreshment

By admiring your beauty

In a world of splintered focus

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What Have You Summoned?

Some people say that we have “summoned” whatever has come into our lives. And that made me so angry.

But, while passing the last aid station in a half-marathon, a volunteer asked if I needed anything. Because of pain from Plantar Facsiitis, I answered, “A new foot.” Two weeks later I broke my left tibia and fibula at the ankle. When I saw my foot hanging loose, I thought of that comment. It was the foot that I had disowned.

As my “new foot” (with two plates and ten screws) was healing, I was cautious to treat both feet with utmost respect.

Whether I “summoned” the break or not, I definitely have new appreciation for every bit of my body that I have often taken for granted.

Appreciation summons abundance.

Show Me Yours First


“The Universe is asking…show me your new vibration, I will show you miracles.”

That might sound stupid or “New Age,” yet the times when I have recovered from despair, found hope when I thought there was none, somehow discovered a way out of a bind, or seen a miniscule ray of light in the deepest darkness, it has been because I did the changing. I quit waiting for something or someone else to change.

Although, it was as easy as…

  • admitting I might be wrong
  • changing an “I can’t” to an “I will”
  • thanking instead of complaining
  • questioning instead of denouncing

It was very difficult to accept that responsibility.

Most people never do.

There is an energy, a vibration, about us that repels help or attracts it. If you doubt that, think about the people you avoid, and why.

If I Bought a Filter

If I could buy an automatic filter that would not only clean the air, but also remove all of the harmful things I think, say, and do, how different my life would be!  I would…

  1. Think more clearly
  2. Sleep better at night
  3. Become a stronger and kinder person
  4. Be happier
  5. Be less competitive, jealous, or angry
  6. Have more peace and patience
  7. Be more productive
  8. Play better tennis 🙂

Since this miracle “filter” doesn’t exist, my job is to create a routine for myself that functions as the “filter.” It may be a lifetime project, but so far my filter consists of:

  • Setting an intention of radical self-improvement and contribution
  • Daily meditation and prayer
  • Reading and learning from others
  • Honest, on-going evaluation
  • Owning my mistakes quickly

A small price to pay for all the benefits.

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If I Am Miserable

I wasted a lot of time before I owned this truth:

“We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” – Carlos Castaneda

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I often lived as if depression, pain, and frustration were my default settings when I was actually in charge of those settings. I could have told my mind and body what the “default settings” were.

When I told my body that I hurt or couldn’t go on, I derailed my body’s remarkable, natural ability to recover and to heal itself. When I said, “It’s no use. I don’t have what I need to succeed,” I derailed my mind’s natural function of problem solving. My mind took my instructions and quit looking for answers.

Now, I have learned to use what I say to myself to make myself strong, not miserable.

Find the Space

When it feels crowded in my head

And I can’t find a moment to rest

When things do not seem to be going well

 Or improving

When obstacle after obstacle is ahead

With wild dysfunction and disconnect

There is one thing that will help

(Even though I am skeptical

And it appears disturbingly counterproductive)


Give stillness the space it demands.


Stop talking, plotting, searching, texting, scrambling, and working


Give stillness the space it demands.


Go quickly, without resistance to that wide place

Where, inside me, I can find a cooperative universe

Unveiling a path into silence, acceptance, order, and confidence


Why, oh why, did I waste so much time getting there?


(For those who have pin-ball brains similar to mine, stopping it is no easy task. Try this: Sit quietly and notice your breathing. With every breath in, think “just.” With every breath out, think “this.” Repeat as long as it takes for “just this” breath to be all you are thinking about.)

Are You a Stiff?

A daily, simple stretching routine transforms my stiff back and tight legs into free, painless agents for working and playing. It still amazes me how quickly I go from slowly creaking around to quick, carefree maneuvering.

Same is true about my spirit.

I might wake up feeling down, pathetic, wimpy, troubled, or disappointed. After, a simple “stretching routine” of reading, meditation, prayer, gratitude, and/or affirmations, wow! I am suddenly a spiritual track star, leaping over obstacles in a single bound. It is really hard to explain the transformation.

all in your head

Got a routine for relief?
Get out of your head…that’s where the excuses live.
Enlighten yourself.

You Are a Prophet

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A friend of mine wondered why her hair was falling out by the handfuls. Whenever I was around her, she always casually described how busy she was as “I’m pulling my hair out.”

Another friend told me that she had to have surgery to reattach her bladder. She constantly was angry and expressed her discontent with people and circumstances as “I’m pissed off.”

I was upset that my flight was delayed an hour and complained to my husband, “I’ll probably be stuck here all night.” I was.

I am not superstitious.

However, I now acknowledge the scientific reality that our words and thoughts send waves out into the universe and those waves have the power to change things.

Disbelieve at your own peril.

That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

“Humans, it seems, have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day. According to some research, as many as 98 percent of those thoughts are exactly the same thoughts as the day before. Even more significant, 80 percent of those thoughts are negative.”

– Jennifer Read Hawthorne

If you doubt this quote, I’d encourage you to listen to what you are saying to yourself when…

  • you are alone
  • you make mistakes
  • you are worried
  • you are frustrated
  • you are bored

What we are talking about is what we are thinking about.

While playing tennis the other day, I noticed that I only talked to myself when I missed a shot. I went completely silent when I was doing well. So, I decided to switch it around, thinking and saying good things to myself about my good shots, while thinking and saying nothing about the bad. Immediately, my play improved and so did my attitude! My opponent, enjoying the fun I was having, commented that she couldn’t do that because she was more of a realist than an optimist.

I responded, “Optimism is not the issue. Productivity is.  I’m not deceiving myself. I’m only thinking and speaking in a manner that gets better results.”

Even if it was about myself, spewing negativity got me nothing and nowhere fast.


Paring Down the “Who-Is-My-Neighbor?” List

It is easy to become selectively generous. I thought someone might benefit from this reminder repost.

Two-Minute Tune-Up

Practically speaking, who am I really morally obligated to care about?

Scratch off people from other cultures,

eliminate people who practice weird religions,

those in different socio-economic brackets,

definitely greedy politicians,

impolite neighbors,





people who have offended me,

estranged family members,

and exes.

That definitely makes things simpler…or, ultimately, lonelier.



Aware that:

  • ignoring the pain of another is ignoring myself
  • everythingI  think, say, or do or to any other person will come back to me like a boomerang
  • the happiest people are those who are not selectively generous

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