Taking My Dreams to Sleep


This quote (and reading Tim Ferriss’s Tribe of Mentors) has challenged me to take my dreams to sleep with me; to focus on what I want to accomplish in the world, what I am passionate about, and where I can make a difference instead of focusing on the obstacles that seem to be in the path of my dreams.

These questions help bring my dreams into focus:

  • What would you do if you weren’t afraid?
  • What idea do you have for solving a world problem?
  • Why not you?
  • How can I bring help and hope to others?

Now, let’s see what my subconscious can do!

Are You Showing Your Age?

Every time we complain about something we can’t change or whine about something we refuse to take responsibility for changing, we show our age…our emotional age.

I don’t know about you, but I spent far too much of my short life playing the victim or listening to others play the victim. I’m ready now to woman-up.

I’ll take responsibility for…

  • my blind spots and misconceptions
  • being a contributor to the pain in the world
  • being the person I want others to be
  • leaving things better than I found them
  • leaving people better than I found them
  • accepting the imperfection that is simply part of being human


Painful Advice When Hurting

Nobody wants to live in the present when it is unpleasant. Here are some incentives:

1. We can become our own hero – the movies that inspire us are about people who endure suffering and rise above it, right? That’s you at this moment. You are the star. Shine!

2. We need the training – otherwise, we will be wimps.

3. This moment has hidden treasures – and we must be present to win, to find them, to see them. Trading the moment in for the next is always a bad move. Bird in hand better than two in bush. Really. Our time is limited…a millisecond in eternity.

4. Present people are sexy – and refreshing, and rare, and like meditation music.

Make Thoreau proud…and all of creation. Take the advice…find your eternity in each moment.

But, Wait, There’s More

Earlier in life, I had this terrible habit of freaking out as soon as I was pressed beyond my limits:

  • A boss had the nerve to add an “extra” task to my already long list
  • Circumstances did not go as I planned
  • A family member or friend “spoiled things” by being human or noncompliant

My entitled behavior ignored my need for stretching and growth. I must have believed I had already arrived when I said, “I don’t need this right now!”

I had no idea life was working to reveal my untapped potential, new possibilities, a bigger life, and…a purpose beyond my wildest dreams.

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Best Advice Ever

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There are good people in my life who will gently tell me I’m whining, and then ask me to woman-up. I am indebted to them for this. I often do not recognize my poor-little-ole-me behaviors on my own.

Replacing my deeply-ingrained whiner/complainer behaviors with solution-oriented/action behaviors has been a decade-long, serious undertaking for me. In earlier decades, family, teachers, friends, bosses, and co-workers tried and failed to get my attention. They were pushing a boulder uphill (that frequently rolled back over them).

Books and authors (including C.S. Lewis, Dickens, Dostoevsky, Frankl, Lincoln, Hugo, and countless others) relentlessly urged me out of pettiness and into noble living.

Nothing was wasted.

Finally, I anticipate my fears and my whimpering, have a battle plan, and surround myself with victors.

Courage, dear heart!

Google Pioneer’s 80-Second Happiness Routine

If you could find happiness in 80 seconds, would you be interested?


Once an hour, for eight hours straight, randomly identify two people and secretly wish for each of them to be happy. After ten seconds of doing that, go back to whatever you were doing.

This is Google engineer, Chade-Meng Tan’s exercise, recommended by The 4-Hour Workweek author, Tim Ferris, in Tools of Titans. Tim said it had a profound effect on him after just 3-4 days!

Whether we believe Tim and Tan or not, let’s say we tried it for three days, investing a whopping four minutes. It would be no big loss if it didn’t work.

Major whoop if it did (including, some random people getting a few good wishes).

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How Much Do I Owe You?

We don’t let people drive a dump-truck into our home and unload stinking rubbish onto our living room floor, do we? Yet, we tend to do just that to each other with our virtual dump trucks of discontent, complaints and negativity.

What if life charged us for what we dumped on other people just as a junk yard charges for disposing trash and useless items, or the EPA charges for polluting the airspace?

Would we curtail our verbal indulgences if we had to pay for the pollution by the word?


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Is it possible that penalties are already being assessed?

Cure for Entitlement

The kindest people I have ever met are people who have suffered, who have been close to death, and/or who have lived without.

These experiences can either breed bitterness or they can breed humble gratitude. I cringe at the times I chose the disease instead of the cure.

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