But, What Should I Expect?



respected and impressive:
synonyms: distinguished · respected · eminent · venerable · hallowed · illustrious

Who says we can’t make this month impressive, distinguished, respected, eminent, venerable, hallowed, or illustrious?

However we arrived here (even if July dumped us unceremoniously) on the doorstep of August, we made it. There is no mistake about it.

Maybe we should remind each other to treat August as it deserves.

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Best Year Ever

If I make “This Is My Best Year Ever!” my daily rally call, I circumvent the…

  • lament over the year being half-gone
  • sigh over the unexpected issues that the year has presented
  • moaning over things I wish were going better
  • the fear of the future, and
  • the tendency to believe that life happens to me, rather than for me

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2019 depends on how I feel about what I will do today, not on what has already happened in 2019.


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I’m stopping for two minutes today to honor my journey to the middle of 2019.

Energy Shortage!

Wherever we are, there is a need for good energy.

Wherever we find ourselves, there are those who need the energy we can bring, even when we feel we have none to give.

In a crowded city yesterday, I gave away many smiles, lots of eye-contact, and good thoughts. Many times that energy came back to me in kind eyes, broad smiles, good service, and thoughtful words. Sometimes, people seemed not to notice. Other times, those who needed better energy refused it.

My job was to provide the energy, not to decide how it was received.

There is already enough of the other.

Top 10 Ways to Know We Are Off-Track

  1. We don’t get along with our neighbors.
  2. We complain about all the idiots in the world.
  3. We are angry.
  4. We are afraid.
  5. We justify our shit.
  6. We haven’t read a book lately.
  7. We don’t apologize.
  8. We have more scowls than smiles on our faces.
  9. We don’t notice and appreciate people and things around us.
  10. We worry more about protecting our possessions than about being generous.

Easiest way to stay off track? Argue about this list.


Magic Like Water

This quote reminds of the need to recognize my own mystery and possibilities. I seldom associate a drop of water with a majestic ocean or a devastating flood, yet each seemingly insignificant drop has magnificent properties and the imprint of power.

If I want to live as peacefully and as powerfully as water, I must

  • surrender to the mystery
  • never underestimate my complexity and beauty (and that of others)
  • flow
  • value my connection to the whole
  • appreciate my uniqueness and impact (and that of others)
  • change willingly and as easily as water changes to ice or vapor


The Whole World at Our Disposal?

It sounds bizarre to believe the whole world belongs to us when we feel (and most likely have experienced) quite the opposite: poor, helpless, and abandoned.

But, I am starting to understand why it might be true.

Just the other day, while working on a discouraging project, I decided to exchange an attitude of scarcity and defeat for an attitude of hope. It took a day or two, but, I began to…

  • attract abundance from “nowhere”
  • have new ideas
  • feel joy and energy to take steps forward
  • be an encouragement instead of a drain to others around me

To know nothing is lacking is to agree with the same abundant Universe that has remarkably sustained me until now.

Just Sing

People are a mess. Life is often a mess. Things happen. Death is inevitable.

But, sing anyway.

Look it square in the face and sing.

That may sound absurd, but when I do, I find courage. Sometimes, even a smile.


Music seems to connect me to a harmony above the chaos.

That’s a good reason to test the hypothesis, anyway. (Especially when we consider how important music has been in all the stages of our life, how imbedded it is in our memories, and how much music meddles with our emotions.)

The Power I Gave to My “Limited” Mind

I used to get angry at people who told me I could do more with my life.

Easy for them to say! How dare they imply I was not a victim of my unfortunate circumstances?! 

I now have proof that I had free access to unlimited power and was only limited by my own limiting beliefs.

Tesla’s story encourages me to rise above myself and the opinions of others; to choose the higher energy, frequency, and vibration.

There is much more to us and our influence than meets the eye…or public opinion.


Learning to trust and be trusted has been the most important and courageous journey of my life.

Dare to Lead‘s illuminating road map:

Boundaries (to be clear about our expectations) – setting, communicating, and maintaining boundaries with ourselves and others

Reliability (to be able to relax) – doing what we say we will do

Accountability (how we fix things) – being willing to apologize and take responsibility for mistakes

Vault (to feel safe)– keeping things confidential that need to be confidential

Integrity (character) – doing what is right vs. what is fun, fast, or easy

Non Judgement (kindness) – agreeing to ask for help and say what needs to be said without judgement

Generosity (loving as we love ourselves) – extending the most generous interpretation possible to the intentions, words, and actions of others

How Our Daily Life Is Like TV News

Everyone is critical of how negative and inefficient TV news is, but most of us…

  • spend the majority of our conscious hours focused on what’s going wrong in the world rather than what’s going right
  • have too many “commercial” breaks for shameless self-promotion or ego-driven side lines
  • are more show than substance

It is no accident TV news became what it is. It’s driven by human nature.

If we want something more, we must become something more. More noble. More courageous. More grateful.