Think Again

If you think you do not have the power to make someone happy, think again.

It doesn’t take money. It doesn’t take position. It doesn’t take intelligence.

It only takes a smile.

Or a thank you.

Or a text.

Or a good wish or prayer.

You don’t even have to walk or talk for that.

(But, if you have money, power, and/or position use those things too.)

The problem with depression is that we spend too much time thinking about what we can’t rather than about what we can do.

Right now, I’m going to think love and send love to someone who needs it.

And the next time I feel useless, I’m going to do the same.

The world is full of people who will never tire of that.

The Strong Approach

“Some day I will be able to ___________________________ or, I will begin today to _________________________________.”

“It takes time to forgive someone, or today I will refuse to play the victim, and begin to forgive.”

“I know I am unhappy with my life, but I don’t have the _______________ (courage, money, time) to change my life, or today I will start taking baby steps toward my goal.”

“Someday I will be healthier and run a marathon, or today I will begin by walking around my neighborhood.”

“One day I will be happier, or today I will live with joy and gratitude for what I already have.”

“One day someone will love me and change my life, or today I will be my own hero, I will love myself and change my life.”

Magic Like Water

This quote reminds of the need to recognize my own mystery and possibilities. I seldom associate a drop of water with a majestic ocean or a devastating flood, yet each seemingly insignificant drop has magnificent properties and the imprint of power.

If I want to live as peacefully and as powerfully as water, I must

  • surrender to the mystery
  • never underestimate my complexity and beauty (and that of others)
  • flow
  • value my connection to the whole
  • appreciate my uniqueness and impact (and that of others)
  • change willingly and as easily as water changes to ice or vapor

The Whole World at Our Disposal?

It sounds bizarre to believe the whole world belongs to us when we feel (and most likely have experienced) quite the opposite: poor, helpless, and abandoned.

But, I am starting to understand why it might be true.

Just the other day, while working on a discouraging project, I decided to exchange an attitude of scarcity and defeat for an attitude of hope. It took a day or two, but, I began to…

  • attract abundance from “nowhere”
  • have new ideas
  • feel joy and energy to take steps forward
  • be an encouragement instead of a drain to others around me

To know nothing is lacking is to agree with the same abundant Universe that has remarkably sustained me until now.

Asking the Wrong Question?

“How will I survive?” or “How will I be successful?” are the wrong questions. The important question is, “How can I be useful?”  

Jim Collins was speaking to entrepreneurs and business owners in this quote, yet it has critical application to our personal lives.

While working on a suicide-crisis line, I met countless people driven toward suicide because of these two wrong questions just as the questions had reeked havoc in my own journey.

How can I be useful? is my new mantra.

Shifting to a simple surrender of our assets to meet needs around us restores momentum and sanity.

Fear-based decision making will always drive us off course.

Do You Love It Now?

Maybe if we loved things more fervently while they were in their “whole” condition, we wouldn’t have to piece them back together in order to really see them.

I thought about this quote a lot after screws and plates were in my ankle.

I think about it now while going through old photos. Where was my appreciation of my friends, circumstances, health, and youth when these photos were taken?

Instead of admiring the “whole” I was…

  • going from thing to thing without stopping for the moment
  • maybe comparing what I had to what others had, and longing for more
  • looking but never really seeing the “whole” sacred picture

Tread softly, for this is holy ground. Could we see with seeing eyes, the place we stand upon is Paradise.

-Christina Rossetti

Will You Run Away?


“The chances that you will wake up are in direct proportion to the amount of truth you can take without running away.” – Anthony De Mello

Running away is often my modus operandi when I don’t agree with someone.

But, it has been very easy for me to talk about how others are blind and clueless about their own choices.

Cringing at the times in my past when I said and did stupid things (that I thought were smart), alerts me that these lapses in judgment are still happening. 

So, I must learn how to:

  • ask for help; listen instead of talk
  • believe it when people tell me how I can improve
  • quit justifying myself
  • keep reading
  • keep seeking other perspectives
  • accept criticism without running from the discomfort

Terribly Afraid of Losing Nothing?

I was the person described in this Zora Neale Hurston quote.

I thought I had good reasons for clinging to my tiny sliver of a life (while dangling pathetically from the well-worn beliefs that whatever else might be out there wouldn’t work or was too taboo to try).

What was I so afraid of losing?

Once I began to step into unknown territory and challenge my fears, even my failures proved worth the risk.

The world is filled with angry people who feel trapped and seriously disappointed with how their lives have turned out. Yet, most, as I was, are terrified and unwilling to make even one adjustment that would bring change.


Before it is too late…”grab the broom of anger and drive off the beast of fear.”

Live…Like Someone Left the Gate Open

This advice is especially important for me when feeling weighted down or bound by my workload, sadness, self-doubt, loss, or anything else that steals my energy.

I’ll remember that I can be just like this doggie…running wildly, flaunting my freedom, and singing my freedom song.

I’ll sing it loud and I won’t stop until I am completely convinced that possibilities exist and that fences, gates, or bricks and mortar (physical, mental, or emotional) are not strong enough to hold me back!

I’ll jump and run and sing with passion…like somebody left the gate open!

Wanna come?

Original post: March, 2013